Vacation in the Tropics in Costa Rica

Are you planning a vacation in the tropics? Visit Costa Rica, a land full of natural beauty and entertainment!

As a major tourist destination and one of the most affordable vacations in the tropics, Costa Rica has a lot to offer to its guests. Whether you enjoy lounging by the beach, eating local delicacies, visiting local sights or zip lining over a rain forest; this country can offer you all this and more!

Relax at the Beach
If you are looking for a peaceful vacation with days in the sun, Costa Rica is the place to be! With numerous sandy beaches, this Central American country has warm beaches lined along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. There are also many rental properties available near the beaches that tourists can rent for the duration of their stay in Costa Rica.

These lodgings can be as high tech as a property equipped with multiple bedrooms, private pools, Wi-Fi, and housekeeping facilities; or they can also be as simple and quaint as a tree-house lodging. The country also offers hot springs due to the presence of a volcano in Rincon de la Vieia National Park.

Enjoy Nature at Its Best!
Costa Rica is a country that firmly believes in and promotes ecotourism. For enthusiasts, visiting local farms to see and taste the wonderful produce of the region; is an opportunity that should not be missed. Enjoy raw sugarcane or its juice crushed in a machine and made fresh in front of your eyes. Take back samples of the local coffee, believed to be the finest in the world.

Want to take home an environment-friendly reminder of your vacation in the tropics? Costa Rica has many shops that sell 100% recycled materials, including paper crafts and even wooden decoration pieces.

Visit Top Tourist Destinations
With large rain forests covering most of the land mass in the country, Costa Rica offers plenty of natural sights to be seen. You can view the entire forest from a high vantage point as you zip-line across it or explore several parks on foot. With more than 300 bird species, including a few endangered ones, traveling through rain forests and parks can be quite thrilling for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

You can also visit the volcano at Arenal Volcano National Park and while there, you can enjoy plunging into a waterfall at the La Fortuna waterfall as well.

Mealtime in Costa Rica
Visitors interested in learning local cuisines can enroll in cooking classes, whereas others can visit various restaurant and bars within the cities for a good meal. Some shops also offer tasting tours to vacationers. The most common menu item are Casados, which includes meat or fresh fish,served with rice, salad, black beans, and plantains.

Become Adventurous in the Rainforests
Surf, ride a horse, and float down a river on a white water expedition; just do it all Costa Rican style! The country is home to many rivers and beaches; and various companies offer tours and expeditions for adventure and thrill seekers. You can also register for horse riding trips that can take you within the forest on horseback as you explore the scenic beauty around you.

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