Adventure Trips

India is a country in South Asia and it is the seventh largest Country by area. The Capital of India is New Delhi and in India, we find different people with mixed cultures, taste and most of the Indians are now a day likes to Travel and Explore in their own way. In India, you will feel the adrenaline rush with treks, hikes, mountaineering, rock-climbing, paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, motorbike tours, snorkeling, zip-lining, white water rafting, hot air balloon ride and more. There are various Adventurous famous places to visit in India I.e, Valley of Flower Trek (Uttrakhand), Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek, Trek to Vasuki Tal Lake via Gaumukh, Tapovan and Nandanvan, Lord Curzon Trail (Uttrakhand), Holy Lakes Trek (Himachal Pradesh), Lamayuru Alchi Trekking, Chadar Trek (Frozen River Trek), Zanskar Valley Trekking (Ladakh), and Beas Kund Trekking.

Valley Of Flowers trek is a must do trek by each traveller who wants to do trekking in the Himalayas. The valley of flowers gives you a heavenly experience amidst the beautiful nature of Himalayan range. The best time to visit this place is Aug, Sept & Oct. The Valley of Flowers trek takes you through dense forests of oak, pine, shrub, fir, and deodar, traversing Bugayals. There would be wide open meadows typical to the region that is high altitude summer grazing grounds and various streams. En-route, you get really spectacular views of the range of mountains, all the approach from Trishul (23,496 ft/7,120 m) to the peaks of Kedarnath (22,994 ft/6,968 m) with mountain peak (25,595 ft/7,756 m), Nilkanth (21,767 ft/6,596 m), Rishikot, Changabang (22,651 ft/6,864 m), Kedarnath and Chowkhamba (23,522 ft/7,128 m), to call some. The valley of flowers has been carefully preserved. If you stand at the foot of the valley, grassy meadows run down to the cleft of the stream, which even in August, continues to be fringed by ice. On both sides, inexperienced slopes turn to dark rock as they vault into deep blue skies. Rising gently, the valley ends as a notch on the horizon, crested by the snows of the Rataban (6,166m) and Nilgiri (6474m) peaks. Underfoot, we have a tendency to shall catch the sight of flowers that provide the valley as its name.

Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek- Nanda Devi, the highest peak in the Garhwal Himalayas takes you through an unbeatable experience of snow peak mountaineering and an opportunity to embrace the one of its kind beauty of the Nanda Devi sanctuary. The best time to visit this place is May, June, July, and Aug. This is a very high adventure trek which starts at Munsiyari (2290M), situated at a distance of about 120 km from Pithoragarh. Munsyari is a small beautiful hamlet with a scenic array of waterfalls and home to the Johari Tribe who are famed for their Ayurvedic medicines and woolen shawls. Breathtaking views of thePanchchuli can be seen from here and Munsyari is the base for trekkers to Milam, Namik, Ralam glaciers & the Nanda Devi Peak. The views from Milam Glacier of Trishuli, Hardeol and Rishi Paharare are worth beholding. The whole trip is dotted with many such sightings, but one of the best highlights remains in the beautiful meadows at the Nanda Devi Base camp that would delight one and all. If luck is favoring you on this trip you might even sight the elusive Snow Leopard or the Himalayan musk deer.

Trek to Vasuki Tal Lake via Gaumukh, Tapovan, and Nandanvan- A high altitude trekking in the Garhwal Himalayas straight between rocks and crystal clear water of Vasuki Tal provides the trekkers an eye-catching view and an adventurous trekking opportunity. The best time to visit this place is May, June, July, Aug, Sept. Trekking enthusiasts who like to challenge themselves trek to Vasukital in the group a minimum of six because the trekking route is very difficult. Trekking guide is must in Vasuki Tal trek. Trek begins from Gaurikund through Rambara, reaching uptoGarurChatti and at last making way through Kedarnath temple. The trek via Gaumukh, Tapovan and Nandanvan coincides on a pilgrim route to 1 of the char dham. Gangotri is considered to be the mythological supply of river Ganga. it’s said that King Bhagirath prayed to Lord Shiva for the salvation of the souls of his 60,000 sons. Shiva obligated and requested immortal Ganga to release her water, that refined the ashes of Bhagirathi’s sons. because of this mythological story, river Ganga is considered a way to purify one’s soul. Trekkers are fascinated by the wonder of Mandakini river who flows downwardly through the route to Kedarnath temple. Dense forests housing lovely fauna, a tall range of mountains ranges and fascinating waterfalls energize the trekkers. From Kedarnath to Vasuki high is rushlike slope within the goat road. Trekkers might encounter shepherds with their sheep and goats view of Chaukhamba hill and Mandakini valley is spectacular. From Vasuki hill high, Vasukital is a 1Km downward trek.

Lord Curzon Trail (Uttrakhand)- A countryside trek following a path that winds through a series of pastures and shepherd camps and an excellent view of the Himalayas and soaring Nanda Devi while crossing the Kauri pass. The best time to visit this place is May, June, July, Aug, Sept. A superb trek through beautiful landscape, following a path that winds through a series of pastures and shepherd camps, with very good views of the Indian Himalayas and therefore the crossing of the Kauri Pass wherever views will be had of soaring mountain peak (7816m).

Holy Lakes Trek (Himachal Pradesh)- Holy Lakes of Himachal Pradesh are glossy, reflective, shimmering, and even dotted with flowers on the shoreline. All lakes picturesque beautiful views of Himalayan Mountains; however, the rests are man-made reservoirs and basins which are flanked by nature. The best time to visit this place is June to Oct. Holy Lakes Trek is meant for adventure and an enormous adrenaline rush. Simply West of Dharamshala is a high-altitude valley nestled among the soaring peaks of the Western Dhauladhar vary. This space is steeped in mythological stories, has seven snow-fed lakes and is one in all the holiest places for the local gaddi tribesmen. The trek itself is tough, the piece of land difficult and weather unpredictable. a perfect trek for serious explorers, photographers, and nature lovers.

Lamayuru Alchi Trekking- Ladakh has many experiences for travellers, spirituality being one in every one of them. This trek provides you a chance to understand the beauty that surrounds the monasteries; and in fact, to move with the monks and gain some knowledge from them. The best time to visit this place is May to Nov. Around 125 km west of Leh, on a stunningly gorgeous path, lays the initial existing monastery of Ladakh, known as Yung-Drung or the Swastika. The Gompa is surprisingly built on sand stone and dates to the 11th Century. The monastery has a significant narration and the neighboring area presents an appealing countryside that is stretched with yellow loess creation. The Alchi monastery lays 69 km west of Leh, the most prominent and prime of all the Gompa built by RinchenZangpo in the 11th Century. The monastery houses some of the finest murals and frescoes representing the style of Buddhist iconography.

Chadar Trek (Frozen River Trek)- Chadar trek is one of the foremost thrilling and adventurous trek in north India, a frozen ice trek throughout winter on mountain-hemmed Ladakhi-Buddhist valley. Ladakh has always captured visitors with its magical charm and majestic beauty. The best time to visit this place is Jan & Feb. Walking on the Frozen river of Zanskar is an ultimate experience for adventure lovers. Zanskar is one of the oldest inhabited regions of the world with wild and solitary valleys at over 13,000 ft (4000 meters) in the Himalayas. In winter, Zanskar is isolated, and only in January and February is there a way to the rest of the world: the canyon of the Zanskar River. We trek on the so-called Chadar or ice covering the river from the village of Chilling to Lingshed.

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary With Adventure Vacations

So you have had enough of sightseeing and historic places and want to do something different this time for your vacation. The best idea would be to opt for adventure vacations organized by adventure travel agencies. Whether you are a beach lover or a mountain person, there is some adventure in every place for the avid adrenalin junkie. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the planning and organizing of the trip because all this is taken care of by the travel agency.

The best way to find an adventure travel agency is to conduct a search on your favorite search engine on the internet. You will get a long list of websites and you should study as many as you can. Then short list 3-4 of them and call them up on the phone numbers published on the websites. Ask some pertinent questions regarding their skills and expertise and the kind of services that they provide. Some of this information is also published on their website, but you can go into the minute details on the phone. Whether you want to go trekking in the Himalayas or scuba dive in the Andaman Islands, everything is possible and available with these adventure travel agencies. In fact the best agencies will also create tailor made holidays with a combination of activities which will give you the kind of thrill that you have never experienced before.

When it comes to adventure trips they can range from paragliding, jet skiing, trekking, motorbike tours, cycling tours and much more. All the paraphernalia required for the trip is provided by the travel agency and you only need to carry your personal belongings. For instance if you are going trekking in mountainous areas then the travel agency will take care of the food and water, tents, sleeping bags etc. There will be porters and mules to carry the stuff required along the trip and also to carry your luggage. They will provide you with a mountaineering expert and a local guide so that you don’t have to worry about losing your way. At the same time, there are also facilities for first aid and emergency evacuation if the need arises. This means that you are always safe and secure. At the same time, the travel agency will also conduct training and counseling sessions which will prepare you mentally for the trip and they will guide you on how to prepare yourself physically before taking on the ordeal.

On the other hand if you are going on a motorbike trip through rugged areas then the travel agency will supply the motorbikes and other gear required for the trip. These trips will also be led by skilled guides who will ensure that you do not get into trouble. These guides are completely aware of the entire route and they know the eating joints on the way where you can make pit stops and refresh yourself. Any mechanical trouble with the motorbikes will be taken care of by the guides and the travel agencies also have tie-ups with road side assistance providing companies which will ensure that you have the best adventure holidays without having to worry about anything.

Now if you happen to be a beach lover then the adventure travel agency will ensure that you can enjoy the adventure activities like scuba diving with your family. Children of the age of eight years and above can go scuba diving with their parents. The travel agency provides guides and instructors who prepare you for the scuba diving experience and provide some preliminary training so that you don’t feel at odds when under water. Your kids will be specially trained in a kid’s training session so that they feel confident and comfortable during the adventure.

The same is true for any kind of adventure activity that you wish to experience. In fact some of the best adventure travel agencies also provide a combination of experiences like hiking up a volcano, scuba diving and trekking through lush green forests all combined into one package. They can suggest the best destinations for the activities that you are interested in. Whether you are new to adventure travel or have experience it does not matter because the adventure travel agency will prepare you for the ordeal that lies ahead of you and ensure that you go back home with lasting memories of your adventure trip.

Komal Rana is a lone traveler and a biking fanatic. She has travelled to various parts of India on her bike and jotted down excerpts from these journeys in her travel blog. In this article, she talks about how a planned adventure holiday can give you the kind of thrill that you have never experienced before.

6 of the Best Waves in the Mentawai Islands

Very few surf destinations boggle the mind quite like the Mentawai Islands do. Known in the surf world for its picture-perfect waves, the main season runs from April until October, when you can expect the biggest and best conditions. If you’re someone that might endure the long & costly journey to this remote corner of Sumatra, make sure you add these 6 waves to your hit list..

1. Kandui

Once overlooked as being too fast to ride, Kandui is a mesmerizing full throttle wave that is still referred to as “No-Kandui” simply because it’s so hard to out run. Long, hollow, lightening quick & down right heavy, try and time a session on the higher tide and be mindful of the inside section that can end your trip in the blink of an eye. This is one of those waves that the rewards are unbeatable but with consequences to match. Only advised for the most experienced of surfers.

2. Rifles

Just a short boat ride around from Kandui, you’ll find one of the best waves in Indonesia. Surfers will literally travel to the Mentawai region purely on a whim of surfing this iconic right hander. Rifles breaks best above head high & can hold pretty much whatever you throw at it. It will endlessly reel down the reef for hundreds of meters given the right combination of wind and swell. A fickle beast, this wave is sensitive to most wind conditions (apart from a light north or west wind) and requires a south swell. Expect a crowd if you’re coming in the main season. And bring a big board as well as spare on the boat.

3. Telescopes

If Tele’s was a little more consistent it would certainly be home to several surf camps. But the fact that it’s even more fickle than Rifles, means that only a handful of locals offer budget accommodation. But time it just right & you’ll discover that Telescopes is one of those waves that will be etched in your mind forever. Unlike many waves in the region, this wave is relatively user-friendly especially when its around head high. A wave of decent length, it produces both perfect barrels & long carvable walls without the deadly end section that many of the other breaks have.

4. Lances Right (aka HT’s or Hollow Trees)

A short paddle from a palm fringed white sand beach, Hollow Trees is another wave that relies on a south swell to light up. Waves refract close to 180 degrees around the reef pass before producing some of the best right handers ever seen on the planet. More advanced surfers will sit deep in the line-up hoping to score waves in the “office” – where it unloads its fury in picture perfect fashion delivering some of the longest and cleanest tubes you can imagine. When the tide draws out, be mindful of the infamous surgeons table that can turn a dream session into a horror show.

5. Lances Left

It might not make the headlines quite like the other waves in our list, but Lances left is not to be missed. Found around the corner from HT’s in Kingfisher Bay, the wave is way longer and much more consistent than most waves in the region, producing long, down the line walls, & numerous tasty tube opportunities. 2 or 3 distinct take-off areas eases the pressure in the line-up, Lances breaks across the tides and when the swell is just right will link up with another wave further up the point called Cobras. Although a favorite spot for passing surf charter boats, there is only 1 camp in the whole bay – Kingfisher Resort.

6. Macaronis

Referred to as the funnest wave on the planet, Macaronis breaks with such rhythmic beauty that only after a session or two it’ll usually become every surfer’s favorite wave. Maca’s is the type of wave that most dream of when heading to the Mentawai Islands. At chest to head high it’ll offer zippy walls and countless opportunities to get barreled. A slight increase in size will deliver a tube from start to finish. And anything over double over head the lip tends to thicken, and the line-up thins out. It roars into a beast.

One of the most consistent waves in the Mentawais, not only is it a swell magnet, it also handles onshore winds very well. Intermediates should head out in the off season where chest to head high conditions prevail.

5 Tips for Traveling by Train in Europe

Research the different rail passes available

If you are planning to see numerous countries it may be wise to consider investing in an Interrail Pass, or what non-EU citizens call the Eurail Pass. An Interrail Pass will make your train voyage easier. However, if you are on a tighter budget, individual tickets may work out cheaper (especially if you’re mainly traveling east of Germany). Consider your budget and do some research before you book your rail pass.

Try to reserve your seats

Train tickets and seat reservations are two different things. A ticket allows you to board a train, and a reservation guarantees you a seat on a specific train. Before your trip make sure you understand whether your train requires, recommends, or doesn’t accept seat reservations.

If possible, try to reserve your seat, especially if you are traveling in uber-popular countries such as France, Italy or Spain. For most trains, you are not required to reserve your seat, however, boarding the train and hoping for the best is not a good idea. You could be told to get out of your seat mid-journey if someone else has booked it. By reserving your place, you can choose whether you would like an aisle or window seat. You can sit back and enjoy the ride knowing you won’t be interrupted to move.

Keep your belongings safe

European train travel is known as one of the safest ways to travel. However, it is important to keep an eye out for pickpocketers, particularly with trains that stop in major cities. Don’t leave your luggage unguarded on the train or in the station. On night trains, if you intend to sleep, make sure to secure baggage to the rack with a small bicycle lock. To have peace of mind, wear a waist pack under your clothes to keep your passport, phone and any important documents protected from any potential thieves.

Less is more – tips for traveling by train in Europe

Going from country to country or city to city is a fun and exciting journey. However, the trip can become tiring if you are carrying a heavy load. Pack the essentials and leave any items or products that are not needed behind.

Depending on the train you are traveling on, there can be limited storage space in over-seat racks and shelves at the ends of carriages. Instead of carrying a big and heavy suitcase, a quality lightweight backpack is another way to lighten your load.

Pack the right supplies for the journey

Traveling through Europe provides sensational views; however, it is a good idea to bring a few key items to help you pass the time especially if you are embarking on a journey of more than 2 hours. Read a book, watch a movie on your tablet, write in your travel journal or strike up a conversation with another passenger and before you know it you will be at your next destination.

Most trains have either a restaurant, café carriages or snack carts that come by selling sandwiches, soft drinks and more. But if you are on a tight traveling budget or you have specific dietary requirements, it is wise to bring some snacks with you on your journey.

Explore The Best Places To Travel For June

Do you plan your summer vacation? We listed the best places to visit in June. If food a passionate, nature lovers, or adrenaline, start your summer with these festival events. From lobster festivals to dragon boat races to ski resorts, these are the best places to visit in June.


An island in the Eastern Caribbean and is an independent country of the Commonwealth. The capital city of Bridgetown colonial building and the cruise ship port of Nidhe Israel, a synagogue built-in 1654. Around the island, many beaches, botanical gardens, Harrison cave buildings and 17th century plantations. The Abbey St Nicholas local traditions including afternoon tea and cricket, National Sports.

The International World Flower Show was in full bloom in selected locations in Barbados this June. Check out innovative floral displays, attend floral arrangements organized by floral designers. Visit the island for panoramic views of flora and fauna and learn the country’s flowers, the pride of Barbados.

Belize, Central America

Belize a country on the east coast of Central America. The Caribbean coast in the east and the jungle in the west. On the high seas, Belize’s huge barrier reefs dotted with hundreds of low-lying islands called the Gulf. These rich in marine life. The Mayan ruins of the Belizean Portland, such as Karakol, known for their spectacular pyramids; Lamanai Lagoon; and Algina, just outside Belize.

Call lobster enthusiasts: Celebrate the lobster crustaceans open harvest season. During this 10-day event, enjoy everything in San Pedro, Placencia and Caye Caulker because lobster prices are the lowest. Relax between meals and chat with local fishermen, take part in lobster-themed water sports, and dance at beach parties.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a self-governing territory and a former British colony in southeastern China. Vibrant and populated urban center is an important port and global financial center with skylines dotted with skyscrapers.

They celebrate 2,000-year long three-day Dragon Boat Festival, commemorating the death of a patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Who mourned the Mil Luo River when Zhu Yuanzhang fell into the Qin army. Every year, the Chinese population uses traditional customs, including dragon boat races, to call him. The locals use colorful boats to splash and drums to fight off fish and evil spirits. Other customs include drinking realgar (known in ancient times as defending evil soul) and eating glutinous rice balls.


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, 2 miles west of Amesbury. It comprises a standing stone, each around 13 feet high, 7 feet wide and weighing 25 tons.

Go to the Stonehenge Summer Solstice Festival. See how the sun reached the highest point of the sky at 4:15 AM on June 21st. Celebrate this four-day celebration at Stonehenge to celebrate the longest day of the year. Craft beer, food vendors, and live music are on the deck.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, a small, isolated island in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a summer destination with beaches and dunes. Its mark is an unpainted building with cedar shingles, and many places surrounded by thorny care. Nantucket’s marina and cobbled streets filled with restaurants, luxury boutiques, and steeple church. The city’s Whale Museum described the island’s role as a nineteenth-century whaling center.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand on the shores of Lake Wakatipu in the South Island, facing the dramatic Southern Alps. They endorse experience sports and a base for exploring the region vineyards and historic mining towns. Kavala Canyon Suspension Bridge and Jet Boats have bungee jumping on the shot over and Dart Rivers. In winter, you can ski on the slopes of the Superior Mountains and Coronet Peak.

Do you want to escape the summer heat? Go to the Queenstown Winter Music Festival to celebrate the official start of the ski season. The four-day meet includes mountain bike competitions, dodgeball games, golf games and raft games. Grab your baggage, compete in a downhill suitcase competition and start the evening skiing night.


Thailand is a Southeast Asia country. It is famous for its tropical beaches, gorgeous royal palaces, ancient ruins and temples decorated with statues of Buddha. In the capital, Bangkok, the ultra-modern urban landscape rises alongside the tranquil canal village. The iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew (Wat Phra Kaew). Nearby spas include bustling Pattaya and modern Hua Hin.

From June to August, the flower festival of Krachiao Flowers celebrates the rush hour. Can watch the bright pink of Siam tulip open or Dok Krachiao. The best place to see these flowers in the West National Park, pass through the Bua Sawan flower farm. Take place on the Pha Ham fire spot to admire the top of Phang Hoei and the lush tulip.

The Bahamas, Country in the Caribbean

This country an Atlantic coral island. It’s over 700 islands and bays range from the uninhabited to tourist complexes. Most of the northern Bahamas and Paradise Islands are home too many large hotels and well-known people. Diving and snorkeling sites include the Andros Reef block, Thunder ball Grotto (for James Bond movies) and Bimini Black Coral Gardens.

Tips On How to Sleep Well While Traveling

Sleep is often an underestimated aspect of health. Being sleep-deprived can have serious consequences on your mental and physical health. One of the times sleep is unavoidably affected is when you are traveling. Traveling present the perfect kind of scenario to ruin your sleep! First the fact that you are not in your bed, under your covers (and perhaps in the arms of your sweetheart!); on top of that you are traveling. How does one avoid insomnia under such circumstances? I am here to tell you just that!


Woman sleeping on a pillow on a plane

This is one thing we all dearly miss while traveling, for it is rather difficult to carry a pillow along with your luggage! Some alternatives to a pillow include an inflatable pillow. All you have to do is blow it up! One more option could be to use a soft handbag stuffed with clothes that you don’t mind getting crumpled. You could also roll a bedspread into a makeshift pillow.

Music and/or Books

Woman reading book in plane

Many people have the habit of reading books or listening to music before they go to sleep. It would be a good idea to carry the same with you while traveling. If you are used to reading some spiritual book before sleeping, nothing like it. That kind of stuff soothes the mind and calms you down and helps you relax before you go to bed. Same effect can be brought upon by some good soothing music, especially instrumental songs. You might be required to switch your phones off, so it would be advisable not to carry your music on the phone. If your phone is equipped with the facility of turning it onto the airplane mode, you are good to go.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation is probably one of the best things you can ever do to your mind and body. Many people like to meditate before they go to bed; it helps them feel rejuvenated when hey get up. Meditation can also give you worry-free, peaceful sleep. If you are a light sleeper, this can be very important. Deep breathing also works wonders – I speak from personal experience. Deep breathing is when you block out all thoughts, and concentrate only and only on your breathing. You observe your breathing pattern, listen to the air enter and leave your body. It has an amazing effect. If you are not very fond of meditation, deep breathing may serve the same purpose.

Vacation in the Tropics in Costa Rica

Are you planning a vacation in the tropics? Visit Costa Rica, a land full of natural beauty and entertainment!

As a major tourist destination and one of the most affordable vacations in the tropics, Costa Rica has a lot to offer to its guests. Whether you enjoy lounging by the beach, eating local delicacies, visiting local sights or zip lining over a rain forest; this country can offer you all this and more!

Relax at the Beach
If you are looking for a peaceful vacation with days in the sun, Costa Rica is the place to be! With numerous sandy beaches, this Central American country has warm beaches lined along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. There are also many rental properties available near the beaches that tourists can rent for the duration of their stay in Costa Rica.

These lodgings can be as high tech as a property equipped with multiple bedrooms, private pools, Wi-Fi, and housekeeping facilities; or they can also be as simple and quaint as a tree-house lodging. The country also offers hot springs due to the presence of a volcano in Rincon de la Vieia National Park.

Enjoy Nature at Its Best!
Costa Rica is a country that firmly believes in and promotes ecotourism. For enthusiasts, visiting local farms to see and taste the wonderful produce of the region; is an opportunity that should not be missed. Enjoy raw sugarcane or its juice crushed in a machine and made fresh in front of your eyes. Take back samples of the local coffee, believed to be the finest in the world.

Want to take home an environment-friendly reminder of your vacation in the tropics? Costa Rica has many shops that sell 100% recycled materials, including paper crafts and even wooden decoration pieces.

Visit Top Tourist Destinations
With large rain forests covering most of the land mass in the country, Costa Rica offers plenty of natural sights to be seen. You can view the entire forest from a high vantage point as you zip-line across it or explore several parks on foot. With more than 300 bird species, including a few endangered ones, traveling through rain forests and parks can be quite thrilling for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

You can also visit the volcano at Arenal Volcano National Park and while there, you can enjoy plunging into a waterfall at the La Fortuna waterfall as well.

Mealtime in Costa Rica
Visitors interested in learning local cuisines can enroll in cooking classes, whereas others can visit various restaurant and bars within the cities for a good meal. Some shops also offer tasting tours to vacationers. The most common menu item are Casados, which includes meat or fresh fish,served with rice, salad, black beans, and plantains.

Become Adventurous in the Rainforests
Surf, ride a horse, and float down a river on a white water expedition; just do it all Costa Rican style! The country is home to many rivers and beaches; and various companies offer tours and expeditions for adventure and thrill seekers. You can also register for horse riding trips that can take you within the forest on horseback as you explore the scenic beauty around you.

Camping – Best Way to Spend Your Vacation

It is hard to argue with fact that camping is one of the most popular recreational activity in the world. Whether it involves families, friends, couples or youths, everyone just loves a good camping outdoors. Connecting with nature is always considered to be one of the most fun ways to spend a vacation. Why spend your vacation in overpriced hotels when you can enjoy your time with your companions outdoors where it is closer to mother nature. Camping appeals to the inner subconscious of us human’s desire to connect with nature. The wilderness, trees, plants, wildlife, fresh air, humans in general find all of the above pleasant. There are many reasons why camping is very popular. It is because of the many benefits and advantages that camping brings.

Outdoor camping is a highly recommended way to spend time together with people who are dearest to you. Whether it is with your family or special someone, the times that you will be spending together outdoors will surely give all of you memories that you will all never forget. There are times that we always too preoccupied with something may it be work or school, so we don’t get to spend time with our loved one as much as we want to. So you want to make it up to them? Outdoor camping is the perfect answer in this sort of situation. Why? If you are camping, you will have no access to computers, cell phones or a television so it just your group and mother nature. So that means no more distractions and you got each other’s undivided attention.

Camping is also a great way to relieve your stress. If you are working long hours and are always tired then it is highly likely that you are stressed out. Relieve your stress by bonding with mother nature. Instead of breathing the usual polluted air of the city, by camping outdoors you will get to breathe cool and fresh air. And instead of filing an endless amount of paperwork or being in front of the computer the whole day, you get to enjoy activities like outdoor barbecue, fishing, swimming and other fun activities that could take your mind off work. Camping will surely have a positive effect on your stressed mind and body.

Going camping is also a very cheap way to spend your vacation. You do not have to spend ridiculous amount of money in plane tickets, hotel accommodations, land transportation, food and so on. It is indeed affordable but it doesn’t mean that you will have a shortage in terms of fun. Frolicking with nature is just as fun as any other expensive activities. In this case you only have to spend for your camping gear which you can still use in your subsequent trips.

When camping, you have to be sure that you address the issue of safety. So see to it that you are well prepared for the trip which means bringing things like a first aid kits just in case. So with your next incoming vacation, why don’t you consider going on a camping trip?

Wanda Walker enjoys writing for which sells First Aid Kits and Safety Signs as well as a host of additional products

Travel to Saint Martin and Reinvigorate Your Spirit and Love for Nature

Trade winds, tropical heat and a vast untouched horizon of Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a Caribbean island famous for its picturesque landscape and flourishing floral and faunal habitants. Its pristine beaches ashore the Caribbean Sea makes it a perfect destination for a peaceful getaway. The emanating aura of this island constitutes balmy lazy noon on the beach, nights with star lit skies and incredible sunsets. Travelers simply surrender themselves to the natural gratification of this paradise and spend a dream vacation. Very few places on Earth give us the liberty to enjoy the nature as it is and Saint-martin is one of those places. One feels closest to nature while indulging in activities such as zip lining and horse riding. Travelers encapsulate themselves in a natural ambience which is hard to let go.

People wash off their worries as they take a refreshing dip in the turquoise warm waters of the Caribbean. The Caribbean Sea houses magnificent coral reefs which are home to exclusive and some of the most amazing species of flora and fauna. Lovers who have been seeking to escape into some quality time have a long awaited rendezvous at warm beaches of this island. People who travel to Saint Martin follow a beguiling chorus and indulge in relaxing activities such as sun bathing on beaches and snorkeling through beguiling corals of the Atlantic Ocean. The white sandy beaches are perfect for spending a drool filled noon basking in the sun.

Food is one of the most attractive chapters for tourists who travel to Saint Martin. Culinary art is a predominant cultural heritage for French and Saint Martin offers fine dining experiences with a step further ahead. Dining at few of several Caribbean diners and restaurants on the mainland is an altogether different story since the French counterpart of food enhances the already mouth watering savories. Travelers can’t wait to hit the exquisite kitchens that serve local dishes from barbeque grill and tropical drinks that satiate every thirst. No wonder Caribbean seafood world renowned for its exclusive taste and flavors. Seafood in this Caribbean region constitutes of various fishes, lobster and exotic species similar to other Caribbean islands but the difference in blends of local seasoning and spices offers a taste like no other island can offer. Wineries of the island are also a major spot of attraction for pallet enthusiasts and one may taste wine of various flavors there.

Adventurous patrons have an equally reasonable excuse to visit this place. The swells hitting the beaches of Martin make it a surfer’s paradise. The island lies on the windward side of the island and that attracts sail boarders and sail catamaran racers. As a matter of fact a sailing race is held each year in the Caribbean and sailing enthusiasts from around the world participate in numbers in this race. Other adrenalin rushing activities include deep water diving, kite surfing, fly boarding and canoeing.

Travelers from the cold parts of the world especially from the U.S. and Europe escape the polar winter and seek a warm vacation on this tropical island. Several travelers keep returning each year to the island. Tourists who stay in vacation rentals find it a lot convenient than public accommodations and hardly opt to stay in a hotel when on a vacation. These vacation rentals can be condos, apartments or villas and offer several amenities to guests and are an economical stay option. They are well equipped, comfortably furnished, private, and are exclusive to its occupants. These are few of the major reasons why more and more travelers are opting to stay in vacation rentals year after year. Travelers, no doubt, enjoy their visit to this destination to the fullest when they seek vacation rental as an accommodation. Most of the vacation rentals offer great view from their stance.

Avid travelers choose to stay in a single vacation home each year they visit the destination. This develops a relation between the owner of the property and the traveler. This relation in turn proves to be beneficial for both the traveler and the owner. Traveler may avail discounts from the owner whereas the owner earns a good will which eventually propels his business. The increasing popularity of vacation rentals is proved by the fact that most of the properties located in hot spot tourist destinations such as the Saint Martin Island are booked throughout the year.

Although every nook and cranny of this island has some or the other beauty that attracts tourists but vacation homes particularly in the vicinity of the Great Bay area are eminent for the incredible view they offer. A panorama of sunset and sunrise each day right in front of the traveler’s eyes is a view hard to miss. No doubt family breakfasts are a lot more enjoyable and memorable.

Travelers prefer to stay in vacation rentals that offer desirable amenities such as private pool beachfront facade. Tourists have all the time on Earth when they are on a long vacation and a relaxing soak every now and then in the pool is mandatory when the tropical heat gets intense. Needless to say, that a pool or perhaps a fireplace caters a romantic drawback to couples.

Vacation rental property owners are helpful folks and never fail to help those who travel to Saint Martin. Be it the island map, travel itinerary or even an umbrella, a Martiner will always be glad to help.

Moreover, security being one of the top priorities of many travelers, several vacations homes are equipped with surveillance systems to deal with and to divert adverse situations.

This Caribbean island is ‘a dream come’ true for every tourist who loves beaches, tropical warmth and a wide panoramic landscape. Travelers stay engaged in various activities throughout the day or not if relaxation is more appealing. If you decide to travel to Saint Martin rest assured you will certainly create memories for yourself to cherish for years to come. Trade winds, tropical heat and a vast untouched horizon of Saint Martin are its commendable features kept alive by its inhabitants.

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Things to Do on the Island on a Vacation

An island is any smaller area of land that is surrounded by water on its sides. It is a place where you can spend the quality time with your family and friends under nature. It is the perfect choice for your vacation when you are looking for a family trip, romantic getaway or a nature vacation.

An island is popular because of its amazing view and pleasant climatic conditions. It offers all the modern conveniences that an individual strives for while on a holiday. One can find a variety of comfortable places to stay like hotels, inns, private guest cottages, etc. on the area.

Things you can do while on an Island

An island offers several fun activities and diversions off and on-the-beach both. One can happily spend their quality time by involving themselves in various activities.

— Nature tours

There are water bikes and Segways on rent for people who love to have adventures. One can enjoy on-the-beach tours of the island while having fun with water sports. Go out with your partner to have the view of the island on water vehicles and make your vacation much more exciting.

— Relaxing beaches

Not everybody wants those adventurous activities. For all the lazy people out there, they have beach mats and chairs to relax while having the sunbath in an amazing view. After that, have your lunch and dinner at the fancy restaurants that are there to serve you on the beach itself.

— Off the beach tours

Beside the beach, one can have a tour of the place and explore it with the scooters and bikes on rent. Shopping is one of the options women can go for. The place would have a lot of beautiful shops and galleries filled with unique and antique things. Remember, there is no cluster of malls rather there are beautiful shops to have your shopping done appropriately.

— Others

For the people who want some sort of activities that are similar to their regular life, they can go for golfing, tennis, badminton, cinema, etc. The popular island offers such activities. Also, if you don’t want to go out of your hotels, you can try these activities at your hotels only without going out.

All in all, there is something for everyone to satisfy themselves and there is a surety that you would not be able to stop yourself from visiting an isle again and will make some very beautiful memories to be cherished for the whole of your life.

Make a plan out of your hectic schedules and offices and visit some island. Pamper yourself, and have the best time of your life with your partner, family, and friends at some Island.

Remember you will not get such activities on a deserted island. On a deserted island, you will have to explore the things yourself without any help. But, if you don’t want to go for any experiments, popular islands are the best option for you where you can get all the conveniences while enjoying yourselves.